Step-by-Step Latex Cleaning Guide

Cleaning set-up latex can be extremely time-consuming. Many of our customers deal with latex on a daily basis. Facilities that can dedicate a vat for latex and use of A-ONE’s latex vat combos have noticed an increase in the number of trailers cleaned by reducing man-hours spent on latex trailers.

Before and after Dyna-Strip 20/20 and Dyna-Strip Powder Latex
Before and after using A-One Chemicals Step-by-step Guide to Cleaning Setup Latex

With over 25 years of assisting customers with cleaning latex, A-ONE has developed superior latex cleaning solutions. We thought it would be helpful to share how our most popular latex vat combo- Dyna-Strip Concentrated Latex Stripper and Dyna-Strip 2020 Latex Skin Cutter is used in conjunction with a hot vat recirculation system.

Based on a 1,000-gallon vat charge:

Step 1: Coldwater flush or pressure wash out as much loose and residual latex out of the tank to save time and preserve the life of the chemical vat.

Step 2: Fill Vat with approximately 85% water or below the fill line (i.e. 850 gallons water per 1000-gallon vat volume)

Based on a 1,000-gallon vat charge:

Step 3: Add 10% Dyna Strip Concentrated Skin Cutter(i.e. 100 gallons per 1000-gallon vat volume)

Step 4: Pour 250 lbs. Dyna Strip Latex Powder through the dome lid inside the first latex tank being cleaned on the initial vat charge.

Note: A good measuring tool is to use a 5-gallon pail or bucket which is equivalent to 40 lbs. It’s very important to add the powder to the initial tank being cleaned vs the vat for good mixing instead of pouring the powder in the vat and sinking to the bottom.

Step 5: Heat vat cleaning solution to 190 F and start the cleaning cycle. If you are cleaning fresh latex it normally takes 45 minutes and if the latex is setup then clean the tank for 1.5 hours. Once completed then cold-water flush, dry, and inspect for any latex left behind. The latex left behind is normally in the area of the tank where the spinner does not hit with impingement, so these areas of latex are normally soft enough to pressure wash.

Note: If you are experiencing foaming issues while cleaning latex, check the following:

  • The temperature of the vat is below 175 F.
  • Return pump many need air bled out of it or strainer basket needs cleaning.
  • Return pipe going into the vat may not be submerged in the solution causing the “bubble bath effect”.
  • Loose hose connection causing air to infiltrate the system.

Don’t have a dedicated vat for latex trailers?  No problem. A-ONE offers solutions to fit just about any operation.

Setup latex cleaning with A-One Chemicals Vat Additives

Dyna-Strip 4000 Premium Latex Presolve non-diluted for cleaning latex off dome lids and cleaning the internal/external valves. It is also effective on the exterior cladding of the tank where latex spills out of the cleanouts and sets up on the exterior of the tank. The DS-4000 has no RCRA listed ingredients, environmentally friendly, and a high flash of over 200 F. Try using DS-4000 to presolve and re-circulate inside the most difficult to clean setup latex tanks prior to running them a Dyna Strip Latex Stripper Vat. If you are looking for an equipment method to dispense the solvent please see A-ONE’s Eliminator Kit video below. Also, check out how well Dyna-Strip 4000 softens latex for easier cleaning below.

A-One’s Eliminator Kit Live Demo

Dyna-Strip 4000 Latex Cleaning Demo

These two products can be added to your caustic vat to significantly boost latex and resin cleaning power. For tank wash facilities that primarily utilize a caustic vat for cleaning latex, these two additives will give your vat the ability to soften and dissolve even the toughest latex, thus reducing time spent re-entering and scraping tank interiors.

The ideal option for tank wash facilities with a single vat. This versatile tank cleaning detergent effectively cleans a very wide range of soils including oils, resins, and latex. Dyna-Strip 2000 makes for an excellent caustic vat booster. For even better latex and resin stripping results, use in conjunction with Strip-Eze.

For more information regarding any of our latex stripping products, please contact your sales representative or head over to our contact us page to get connected.

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