COVID-19 Update to our Valued Customers

As uncertainty grows in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to reassure that A-ONE’s top priority is maintaining the health and safety of all of our employees, customers, vendors, and their families. Our leadership team is continuously monitoring all new developments regarding COVID-19 through government agencies and news outlets.

Due to the COVID-19, A-ONE has proactively adapted the following measures in our day-to-day operations to ensure the well-being of everyone:

• Implemented the recommended safety protocols established by the CDC.

• Cancelled all gatherings in practice of social distancing.

• All A-ONE employees have been trained to follow strict hygiene and have been provided sanitizing and disinfecting solutions we carry to help slow the spread of the virus.

• Minimizing contact time by waiving signature requirements for all in-bound and out-bound shipments and service orders.

• Restricting in-person sales meetings unless given prior authorization to meet in office or work site.

• Keeping a clear and open line of communication on any delays or difficulties that may arise.

We are sure everyone is anxious to see the end of this global pandemic. In the meantime, if you need to source sanitizer or disinfectant solutions, we do offer disinfecting and sanitizing solutions in concentrate form, which has been proven to be more cost-effective than ready-to-use products. When diluted properly, our solutions are as effective as Clorox and Lysol that can be purchased in stores. Contact your sales representative or click here for more details.

We are extremely grateful to do business with you and we thank you for your support. Our goal at A-ONE is to continue to provide all of our customers the same fast, reliable products and services that our company was founded on. If you have any questions regarding our policy on combating the spread of COVID-19, please send them to

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