Industrial Tank Cleaning: Odor Control

A-ONE’s products for neutralizing acrylate odors proved extremely effective for a tank cleaning job, preventing a
surrounding residential area from filing odor complaints with the state/city.

A-ONE was contacted by an environmental services company for cleaning a 30,000-gallon ethyl acrylate storage tank containing approximately 650-gallon heel that could not be pumped out of the tank because it was below the pump suction line. The tank needed to be emptied and prepped for entry. Due the plant’s proximity to a large residential neighborhood, the storage facility needed a solution that would neutralize the acrylate odor to accomplish the task.

A-ONE offered Acronel WS-27 and Acronel SS-30 for this project. These products are specifically designed to neutralize a range of acrylate monomers efficiently.
Although the products produce the same result, their
application processes are different. Acronel WS-27 is
normally used in vapor scrubber, was used to neutralize the 650 – gallons of ethyl acrylate heel. Acronel SS-30 is a non-corrosive acrylate neutralizer designed to safely spray on parts/lids and spills or where corrosives cannot be used.

Once the projected was completed, our customer reached out to us and stated “the job went perfectly! No odor after the liquid was pump off. Thanks for your help!” The customer received no odor complaints from either the city or the residential area nearby.

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