Choosing the Right Exterior Wash

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There are two main factors to consider when selecting the right exterior wash for your fleet:

  1. Surface (stainless steel, paint, polished aluminum)

  2. Soils (road film, concrete, asphalt, oil)

A-ONE offers a large line of exterior wash products that are blended with the user in mind. Formulated as concentrates, our products are designed to clean an array of tough soils without breaking the bank. From pick-up trucks to specialty vehicles, A-ONE has a solution for all industrial transportation.

Not sure on the right cleaner? Here are some of our top-selling exterior wash solutions:

Dyna-Brite: A-ONE’s toughest aluminum brighteners. Removes old road film, bugs, and grime. Commonly used in conjunction with our Fleet Wash soap. Not recommended for painted or polished surfaces.

Dyna-Crush: Biodegradable acidic cleaner that attacks set up concrete and lime upon contact. Will not burn skin and is safe to use on paint and glass.  

Fleet Wash: Top selling exterior wash detergent that works great on polished aluminum. Safe to use on all surfaces. Often used with our Dyna-Brite aluminum brightener.

Steel-Brite: Strong alternative aluminum brightener that contains no hydrofluoric acid. Cleans metal surfaces within minutes with very little or no labor.

Fleet Kleen: Powerful cleaner, even when diluted. Easily removes bugs and unwanted soils that works great alone or paired with one of our acid exterior cleaners.

Enviro-Solv: Non-hazardous asphalt remover that is more economical than other citrus-based blends on the market. Should be followed by or Fleet Wash or Fleet Kleen to keep vehicles and equipment consistently clean.

Important note:

Keeping your fleet clean can be much easier with our custom application equipment and a hot water pressure washer. Contact a sales rep for more information.

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