Polymer/Frac gel cleaner that works consistently

Tired of the hassle that comes with cleaning polymer/friction reducer tanks like these?

Check out our easy guide, highlight video to show how to use PK-21 Polymer Cleaner. The residual from the wash out can go to the sump without swelling and negatively impacting wastewater. With no man entry, no corrosivity to stainless steel, PK-21 is an economic solution to what can often be an expensive and messy clean. Take a look at the short video of our full-scale demonstration that explains how to use our PK-21 Polymer/Frac Gel Cleaner.

As a cleaning compound distributor, A-ONE is focused on finding the most innovating and cost-effective solutions that are backed by chemistry and experience. Head over to our Tank Cleaning page to see all the different specialty products that A-ONE has to offer.

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