Solvents Make Tank Cleaning Easier Than Ever Before

There are many reasons solvent strippers can save wash racks and industrial service crew’s time and headaches. Regardless of the job, A-ONE has a full line of solvent strippers designed to cut out tough soils and save time. Here are our top 3 ways our customers save time and money with our solvent strippers


Presolving is simply spraying the interior of the dirty tank with a solvent to break down the product or waste in the trailer. Many tank wash facilities find they have saved time and money by using this cleaning method. The pictures below show a few different types of Presolve setups – our Eliminator Kit, a Presolve Kit, and a piston pump.

Circulating small amounts of solvent works just like soaking the tank in solvent

When product has “set up” in a tank, oftentimes just spraying a light coat of solvent on the set product will not dissolve it completely because the solvent did not have enough contact time. Circulating a small amount of solvent without filling the entire vessel. Our Eliminator Kit is a package unit that allows you to circulate small amounts of solvent into vessel sizes ranging from 200-20,000 gallons. Click here to see a video of how our Eliminator Kit works.


Many wash racks and environmental service companies shy away from using solvents due to cost. Pretreating viscous or layered soils with solvents can accelerate cleaning time and lower wastewater costs.

For example, in first the picture below, this tank was covered in layers of a thick heavy hydrocarbon resin. After multiple attempts, with a series of different detergents and degreaser yielding less than desirable results, Dyna-Strip 777 Solvent Stripper was then introduced to the contaminant. It quickly began stripping the sticky resin off the outside of the tank. The middle picture above is a side by side comparison of the results. With a quick, cold water rinse, the third picture depicts one side of the tank after cleaned with just one round of application. No heat was needed for this application but can be heated to strengthen cleaning capabilities.

Not sure which product will be most effective? Contact an experienced sales rep with your questions.

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Our solvent product line consists of solutions for:

  • Hydrocarbons (Dyna-Strip 500, Dyna-Strip 777, Citrus-Solv 500, Spectra Clean)
  • Resins (Dyna-Strip 777, Dyna-Strip 1000, Tri Clean 1000B)
  • Latex (Dyna-Strip 4000, Vat-Add 40, Vat-Add 50)
  • Tar & Asphalt (Enviro-Solv, Capture, Tri Clean 1000B, Citra-Clean)
  • And more…

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