Choosing the Right Deodorizer​

Deodorizers are a common aid to many different types of jobs in the transportation and industrial sectors. With the vast variety of foul odors dealt with on a daily basis, understanding the chemistry behind the odors can help curve the decision on what type of deodorizer to use.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions regarding odor control that we have experienced over the years.

What do you mean by the “type” of deodorizer I should use?
A-ONE categorizes our deodorizers by the characteristics of how our blends will react to a given odor. We offer two main types of deodorizers making agents and reactive neutralizers. Each type contains an assortment of products that can be used in various applications. Masking agents are generally non-reactive. They are designed to make tanks/vessels/work sites smell better (think of Febreze or Fabuloso). and can be used in just about all industrial settings. Reactive neutralizers are just that—deodorizers that typically react instantly and cause a chemical reaction. It’s during that reaction the foul odor is neutralized.

Both categories contain products with multiple functions. For example, our Captoban (masking agent) can be used along as a general use deodorizer or can be mixed with specific additives to kill off more difficult malodors, such as mercaptans (acting as a reactive neutralizer). Our Acronel WS-27 and Z-400-S are both formulated to combat acrylate-based odors. Acronel WS-27 only chemically neutralizes the acrylate on contact, while Z-400-S chemically neutralizes but also contains a masking agent that leaves vessels with a fresh scent. Acronel WS-27’s non-foaming formula is designed for scrubbers. Z-400-S has strong detergency and is designed for cleaning and odor neutralizing.

How do I apply deodorizers?

We offer a range of different application methods including:

  • Scrubbers Packed towels and Bubble up
  • Misting systems
  • Recirculation systems
  • High volume dispensing units
  • Direct application (spray bottle, pump-up sprayer)

A-ONE specializes in all applications mentioned above. By providing us with your scope of work, we are able to best direct which of these methods will work best for your scope of work.


How do I know what product to use?
Check out our Odor Control Guide to match the proper deodorizer to the odor. Don’t see your odor on the list? Reach out to one of our sales representatives who can direct you to the best product and application for your job.

Who uses these types of products?
If you deal with a foul odor, chances are we have a solution for it. Types of different companies that use our deodorizing products including:

  • Tank Washes
  • Railcar Facilities
  • Shipyards
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Environmental Services
  • Frac Tank and Box Washes
  • Waste Disposal/Treatment Plants
  • Tank Farms

Our deodorizer product line is designed to make any odor control problem easier to manage. All of our products are backed by science and continue to improve workplaces and processes. If you still have some questions regarding our odor control line? For any additional information regarding any of our odor control products or any other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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