Importance of a Clean Fleet

Although, some view fleet cleaning solutions as an ‘useless expense’, our goal is to make these solutions that provide results, easy-to-use and cost-effective. We are able to use our experience to assist customers when choosing the right solution and application.

Kepp your cement truck fleet clean with A-One Chemicals
Fleet cleaning wash A-One Chemicals

Managing a clean fleet shows that a company takes pride in their work. It is also the safest option when trucks or equipment are in use. Important reasons to maintain a clean fleet includes:

  • Keeping your trucks or equipment in compliance with DOT

  • Being able to identify damage or issues faster

  • Prolonging life

  • Clean trucks and equipment make good impressions

A-ONE strives to educate customers regarding our products and applications. Not sure what type of cleaning solution would be best? Check out our quick break down to selecting the right cleaning solution.

Dyna-Crush – biodegradable blend that removes set up cement, concrete and lime. Contains surfactant for easy rinsing. Applied neat, it dissolves set-up concrete. 

Dyna-Brite – one of the strongest aluminum brighteners on the market. Removes rust, oils, grime and brightens rims. Not recommended on paint or polished surfaces. Heavily used in conjunction with Fleet Wash must be rinsed adequately. Recommended dilutions start at 8:1. 

Steel Brite – Non-hydrofluoric blend that removes tough grime and road film. Dilution can vary based on application. Should be followed by mild detergent such as Fleet Wash or Fleet Kleen. 

Enviro-Solv – Biodegradable blend that removes set up tar and asphalt. Contains surfactant for easy rinsing. Use undiluted directly on surface being cleaned. May take a few applications with time in between application to dissolve enough to break the bond. Should be followed by a mild detergent such as Fleet Kleen.

Dyna-Solv Butyl Degreaser – Alkaline mild degreaser. Great option for heavy equipment degreasing paint-“friendlier” than our other degreasers. Applying neat works best but need to cut at least 50/50 and stay out of direct sun to avoid paint streaking. For vehicle washing, 4:1 dilution is good for removing bugs/grime off vehicle grills but should only be used in isolated areas at this strength to ensure it gets rinsed in a timely manner. If soaping down an entire vehicle, dilute at least 10:1 due to the longer residence time. 

Fleet Kleen – Alkaline degreaser at full strength. Exterior truck soap at 8:1. This our best option for a brushless truck soap without using an aluminum brightener. Comparable to the “pre-soaks” used in drive-thru truck washes. 

Fleet Wash – Liquid exterior truck soap. Formulated to clean polished finishes. Requires brushing unless you are 2-stepping with Dyna-Brite. Typically used at 4:1 dilution. 

PowerKleen 6000 – Neutral pH, solvent-free, phosphate-free blend of surfactants. Paint-friendly multi-purpose cleaner. Recommended degreaser option for customers with wastewater treatment systems that are pH-sensitive (bugs). 

Windshield Wash – Ready-to- use windshield wash fluid. Blended to help avoid freezing during colder months. 

TW 3100 – Powdered exterior truck soap. Safe on polished aluminum. Dissolves easily, removes road film and emulsifies grease. 

Dyna-Wash – Powdered alkaline detergent. Can be used as a vat detergent or mild degreaser concentrate. Also, a very economical truck soap when diluted.

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